Big Eater Savoury Combo


What’s in the box? We have a total of 258 pieces of savouries. Serves avg 50 people

6 packs of 12 Fatima Sydow Cooks Samoosas – any flavours (chicken / mince / cheese and jalapeno / cheese and corn / potato)

36 Pies – Peppersteak

36 Pies – Chicken

30 Halfmoons – Cheese and Jalapeno OR chicken OR steak

30 Feta & Jalapeno Pockets

30 Pizzas – Chicken or steak

24 Quiche – Chicken & Spinach OR Butternut and feta


If Frozen: All items are packaged with cooking instructions

If Baked: All items are baked and served into 4 platters each with their own dip. Orders for baked platters must be placed 2 to 3 days in advance. 

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Cooking instructions:

All products come with cooking instructions on their labels.

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