Plain puff parathas


Our puff paratha is produced from high-quality wheat flour and margarine. It is suitable as finger food as a great meal for family and friends on any occasion. Good for non-stick frying pan and conventional ovens.

Sold frozen. 5 units per pack

Weight: 400g per pack

Out of stock

Cooking instructions:
  1. Do not defrost as this may make the dough too sticky
  2. Peel the plastic layers on Paratha and place the paratha on a preheated frying pan. (Use a non-stick frying pan and no oil is needed).
  3. Pan fry the paratha for 1-2 minutes on each side until both sides are golden brown.
  4. When the Paratha is ready, remove it from the pan. Using both hands, gently pat the edges of the paratha to make it light and fluffy.

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