4 Cheesecake Variety


All orders must be placed 2 – 4 days before the delivery date.

24 cm cake consisting of:

3 slices of Cookie Dough Baked Cheesecake – Cookie dough cheesecake, baked to perfection on a choc chip cookie dough base and topped with choc chip cookie dough frosting.

3 slices of Baked Chocolate Cheesecake – Andrea’s chocolate flavoured rendition of her famous cheesecake recipe, baked to perfection on a cocoa biscuit base with a chocolate flavoured cream and ganache topping.

3 slices of Andrea’s Baked Cheesecake – Andrea’s famous recipe is made with decadent, thick cream cheese and double cream, baked to perfection on a traditional golden oat biscuit base and topped with a fluffy crème Chantilly.

3 slices of Red Velvet Baked Cheesecake – Cream cheesecake, baked to perfection on a red velvet sponge cake layered with lemon cream cheese frosting with a blackcurrant glaze topping.

Sold Frozen

Allergens: Hen’s eggs, cow’s milk, soya, wheat (gluten), Oats (gluten).

Sold frozen

Allergens: Hen’s Eggs, Cow’s Milk, Soya, Oats (Gluten), Wheat (Gluten)

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Handling Instructions:

Defrost in refrigerator overnight in original packaging OR Remove from the packaging and defrost it at room temperature (see product specific label). Cut slices as and when needed from a whole frozen cake and defrost the slices uncovered at room temperature for approximately 20 minutes. Immediately return the remainder of the cake to the freezer in the original packaging so that you can enjoy another slice later.

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